Thursday, July 06, 2006

An Introduction to Hoary Marmots

Hoary Marmots are a species of Marmot that I have personal experience with. I've encountered these animals in the Washington Cascades, and the Garibaldi Ranges in Southwestern British Columbia.

The entire range of Hoary Marmots, however, includes Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Yukon provences in Canada. In the United States Hoary marmots can be found in Alaska, Idaho, Montana and of course Washington.

Hoary Marmots share the genus Marmota with other animals such as groundhogs and are closely related to prairie dogs. Hoary Marmots enjoy a habitat high in the mountains above the treeline. The snow sticks around so long in these areas that the Marmots' food sources are all buried for most of the year. Consequently, Marmots must hibernate for 7 to 8 months out of the year.


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